5 Easy Ramadan Recipes For Singles

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Looking for Ramadan Recipes? Here are 5 easy recipes for you!. Dedicated to all single persons out there, here’s 5 easy ramadan recipes that you could try at home (without needing extra help from another person unless from your food delivery guy). These 5 recipes won’t give you a rough time in the kitchen and it could be served either for sahur or iftar! Soy Sauce Egg (Telur Masak Kicap) Image source: Resipi Dapur Opah (Facebook) Can say that this is a classic✨ and everyone’s favourite! Serving suggestion: 1-2 persons Ingredients: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 3-5 eggs &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 ½ onion &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1-2 cloves of garlic &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1-2 red chillies &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Sweet soy sauce &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Salt to taste &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Cooking oil Directions: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 1. Heat cooking oil and fry egg until cooked. Put aside. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 2. Saute onion, garlic & chilies until fragrant. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 3. Add sweet soy sauce. Add water if needed and season with salt. Wait for 1-2 minutes. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 4. Add the fried egg and leave it for a minute. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 5. Ready to serve. Fried Chilli Squid With Potato (Sotong Goreng Lada + Ubi Kentang) Image source: Siti Fatimah (Facebook) Confirm tambah nasi with this dish! Serving suggestion: 1-2 persons Ingredients: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Squid approx. 500-600 grams &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1-2 potatoes &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 onion &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 4-6 red chilies to your preference &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 ½ spoon of tamarind (to mix with half cup of water) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Cooking oil &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Salt & sugar To blend/mince together: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 2 shallots &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1-2 clove of garlic &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 inch ginger &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 teaspoon black pepper coarse Directions: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 1. Mince together shallots, garlic, ginger and black pepper. Put aside the mixtures. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 2. Baste squid with turmeric powder and the minced mixtures (as in step 1 above). Put aside. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 3. Heat cooking oil and fry potatoes. Put aside. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 4. Remove excess oil and saute the squid until the excess water dries. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 5. Add in tamarind water and the fried potato. Leave until thick gravy. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 6. Add sliced onion and chilies to your preference. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 7. Ready to serve. Stuffed Fish (Ikan Cencaru Sumbat) Image source: Dapur Kampung (Facebook) Would remind you to home-cooked meal by mom or grandma 👵 Serving suggestion: 1-2 persons Ingredients: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 2 fish (hardtail scads/cencaru) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 3 spoons of dried chilli paste &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 3 cloves of garlic &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 4 shallots &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Belacan to your preference &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Tamarind water &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Salt & sugar Directions: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 1. Cut along the fish back and clean. Baste with salt. Put aside. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 2. Mince garlic, shallots and belacan. Mix together with tamarind water, dried chilli paste, salt and sugar. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 3. Put the mixture (in step 2) into the back of the fish that has been cut. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 4. Heat cooking oil and fry until crispy. Ready to serve. Sambal Ayam Penyet Image source: Zurina Zulkefli (Facebook) Prepare this and you could still keep the leftover and eat it up again! Serve with any fried lauk, chicken or fish! Serving suggestion: 1-2 persons Ingredients: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 tomato &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 shallot &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 clove of garlic &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 2 red big chilies &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 4-5 bird’s eye chilies &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 A pinch of belacan &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Salt & sugar &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Cooking oil Directions: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 1. Pour cooking oil approximately the same amount of all the ingredients. Heat cooking oil. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 2. Saute all chilies, shallot and garlic until fragrant. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 3. Add tomato and belacan. Ensure the heat is moderate while cooking. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 4. Toss and mince it. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 5. Add sugar and salt to your taste. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 6. Pour a bit of cooking oil that has been used earlier into the sambal and mix well. Ready to serve. Tamarind Fried Anchovies (Ikan Bilis Masak Asam Jawa) Image source: Nurul Ateekah (Facebook) Pretty sure many of you never tried this before. 😋 Serving suggestion: 1-2 persons Ingredients: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 A fistful of anchovies (cleaned and tossed) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1-½ onion &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Green chilies to your preference &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Red chilies to your preference &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 2-3 cloves of garlic &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 1 spoon of tamarind + ½ cup of water &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Black pepper coarse to taste &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Sugar & salt &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &#8226 Cooking oil Directions: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 1. Heat cooking oil and fry the anchovies until cooked. Put aside. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 2. Saute the onion, garlic and chilies until fragrant. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 3. Add tamarind water and stir. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 4. Season with salt, sugar and black pepper coarse accordingly. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 5. Pour it onto the fried anchovies. 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27 March 2023

How To Use Your Coupons In NMooMoo App


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22 March 2023

Top 5 Lucky Food For CNY In Malaysia

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You are probably looking for Chinese New Year lucky dishes that are considered easy to get in Malaysia.. Top 5 Lucky Food For CNY In Malaysia You are probably looking for Chinese New Year lucky dishes that are considered easy to get in Malaysia. Be it for makan-makan with friends, colleagues, family or even neighbours! Sincerely picked by us, we suggested the top 5 lucky foods for CNY in Malaysia! 1. Steamed Fish Type of luck: Symbol for wealth Steamed Fish can bring prosperity to you and it is considered as one of the friendly dishes in Malaysia that is easy to get. 2. Big Prawn Type of luck: Bring happiness to you! Trust us, this one lucky dish among Chinese is also enjoyed by other races in Malaysia! Even not during CNY season, you actually can get Big Prawn dishes at available seafood restaurants nearby you! Fried Big Prawn, Steamed Big Prawn or if you want to have it your style, you can also do it at home by ordering groceries with NMooMoo Food Delivery App! 3. Steamed Chicken Type of luck: Togetherness! Who doesn’t love Steamed Chicken for extra HUAT! This lucky food in Chinese is the easiest to get. If you desperately need to buy Steamed Chicken dishes, just scroll for Steamed Chicken Rice & get the chicken. If you want to have whole Steamed Chicken because the one you get from chicken rice dishes is just a quarter of chicken, buy groceries from NMooMoo & cook your lucky Whole Steamed Chicken. 4. Spring Rolls Type of luck: Attract good fortune What do you call it? Spring Rolls or 春卷; chūnjuǎn. This lucky festive food is friendly to all species of humans in this world depending on the fillings inside. Spring rolls can be friendly to our vegetarian friends if the fillings are without meat or seafood. We can imagine the crust and salty + sweet fillings in it! The availability? Type it on Google, we guarantee you could get it anywhere on the street or even in your NMooMoo App. 5. Pineapple Tart Type of luck: Symbol of upcoming prosperity There are 2 types of people, one who doesn't even want to touch Pineapple Tart, other one is Gila Pineapple Tart. Put aside the first type, Pineapple Tart is loved by many Malaysians! Yes, Pineapple Tart is one of the lucky foods in CNY, but did you realise that Pineapple Tart or Tart Nenas exist in every celebration in Malaysia! You can get it at a shop or order groceries on NMooMoo for your DIY Pineapple Tart! If you are wondering why all these foods are considered to bring luck or prosperity, you can check back our previous post on Here Is How These Chinese New Year Food Became Lucky. Check out NMooMoo Facebook, Instagram & TikTok for more fresh promo updates! NMooMoo-ve your fingers & Order Now Fried Big Prawn, Steamed Big Prawn or if you want to have it your style, you can also do it at home by ordering groceries with NMooMoo Food Delivery App!

07 December 2022

Introducing Moo Signatures

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Order, Pick A Box And Win Great Prizes This October!

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30 September 2022

10 Popular Kuih Raya

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10 Popular Kuih Raya in 2022. 10 Popular Kuih Raya Raya is not complete with a variety of kuih raya. Yes, the must-have menu like lemang, nasi impit and rendang are served. Kuih raya is like complimenting the celebration. When you’re visiting your friends’ houses for open houses, you can find these kuih raya ready to be eaten on the table. Almond London This cookie is hard to miss in every open house that you go to. It’s covered in a shiny chocolate glaze with chopped nuts with roasted almonds inside. Wow your guests with the sweetness of the chocolate and the earthy flavour of the nut. Yes, making this cookie can be a bit more labourius than other classic cookies, but it’s doable and satisfying to see your guests enjoy every piece. Tart Nenas Another sweet treat that your guests will look for is tart nenas or pineapple tart. This festive cookie is believed to be originated from Nyonya community. Cornflakes Madu The easiest Raya cookie to make if you want to get into baking Raya cookie. You only need Cornflakes and honey as the basic ingredients. Cornflakes madu is popular among kids because it’s sweet and crunchy. Also, you can cover it with chocolate! Semperit Biskut semperit is the kind of cookie that will melt in your mouth. To some people, this cookie is a must-have among the raya cookies they put on the table. Depending on the mold that you use, it can be flat or flower-shaped with different toppings. The only limit is your creativity! Biskut Dahlia If we want to describe Biskut Dahlia, it’d be crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. You can get the texture by mixing both corn flour and custard powder. Just like Semperit, Biskut Dahlia is one of the must-have treat during Hari Raya. Just like its name, this flower-shaped cookie will “entice” everyone to finish the whole jar of it! Biskut Suji Another easy cookie to make with simple ingredients. While Biskut Suji is being baked in the over, you can immediately smell its fragrant lingering in the air. Put one in your mouth and you can feel its crispy and delicate texture, creamy and just melt in your mouth. While the fragrance comes from the use of ghee. So, it might not be popular among kids, but it sure is popular among adults! Sarang Semut Perhaps this cookie got its name because you have to finely grate it like an ant’s hill. Just like Biskut Dahlia, the crispiness and softness of the cookie is achieved when you mix the dough with corn flour and custard powder. If you want to create a really good Sarang Semut in term of flavour, use a premium butter. As for the toppings, you can use chocolate rice or sprinkles. Mazola A classic when we’re talking about kuih raya. Mazola cookie is usually made from grounded peanuts mixed with flour. To make your life easier, you can use one that’s already grounded and packed. Just from the look of it you can tell it’s cookie that crumble easily. But, the moment you put in your mouth, it immediately melts. Kuih Kapit A kuih that almost every Malaysian know and enjoy, kuih kapit is a crispy rolled wafer pastry originating from Spain. It is made from basic cookie ingredients of flour, sugar, egg whites and butter rolled out thinly and then shaped into a hollow cylinder or a cone. Popia Simpul Popia simpul is one of the popular kuih or snack among Malaysians. Not only does it taste crispy and delicious, this interesting twist (pun intended) of popia is available any day. Meaning you can buy them on days, not just during Hari Raya. Munching on all these cookies is not complete without some sweet drinks! Order your favourite drinks and enjoy RM15 off and other discounts! Or you can order and have it delivered ;) Order Now

09 May 2022

5 Simple Food Ideas For Open House

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5 Simple Food Ideas For Open House In This Raya 2022. 5 Simple Food Ideas For Open House In This Raya 2022 Every Raya you probably can’t decide what food to prepare for your guests. Yes, the typical lemang and nasi impit is a norm, but your guests probably want something different. In fact, a simple dish would be fine. The best thing is, Syawal lasts for 30 days. So, as long as we’re in the month of Syawal, expect many open houses with a variety of dishes. Depending on your budget, you can do a simple, small gathering for friends or a table full of exquisite dishes for everyone to enjoy. Let’s look at 5 menu ideas for Raya open houses. Mi Goreng Let’s start with something simple like fried noodles. This dish is quite easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare and make. Also, you can make this mi goreng slightly moist or dry. Oh! Since you’re not sure about everyone’s pedas level, you can make it not spicy and prepare some pickled green chillies. Also, the thing about Mi Goreng is you can serve it with varieties of side dishes. Your guests can have it with fried chicken, sunny side up eggs, fish crackers, and more! Mi Rebus Credit: Asian Inpiration Got leftover noodles? Let’s make Mi Rebus! Each family has their own version of making this. So, you can expect different recipes online. Since, we haven’t celebrated Raya properly for the past two years, it’s time to bring out the family recipe. To mi rebus newbies, the secret to its thick and sweet gravy lies in the boiled sweet potato. If you’re hosting a Raya open house this year, you have to try making this dish. Chicken Rice Probably one of the most favourite dishes among Malaysians. Chicken rice comes with varieties of versions - poached, roasted, or soy sauce. The Hainanese chicken rice is a dish of poached chicken and seasoned rice, served with chilli sauce and usually with cucumber garnishes. Fun fact - It is based on the well-known Hainanese dish called Wenchang chicken (文昌雞). Over the years, some cooks have used different techniques to prepare the dish. For instance, the Cantonese technique requires them to put the poached chicken into ice water after cooking. Roti Jala and Chicken Curry Credit: Divinely Delish Want to do something simple instead? You can’t go wrong with roti jala. It is easy to make, you just mix flour, an egg, cooking oil, yellow food colour and water. Usually people dip roti jala with chicken curry. But, there are other who dip it with kuah durian! So, one is spicy and the other savoury and sweet. Nasi Hujan Panas If you’re feeling extra, you can serve your guests with Nasi Hujan Panas or colourful rice! It’s a bit time consuming to make this dish. So, you have to plan your cooking time properly. But, if you need more dishes but don’t have the time to cook, just order on NMooMoo je! Make your life easier - place your orders and let us deliver them to you. Right now we have great promotions like RM15 discount and more! No need think more, just order now! Or you can order and have it delivered ;) Order Now

05 May 2022

How To Celebrate Raya During Endemic

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How To Celebrate Raya During Endemic in 2022. How To Celebrate Raya During Endemic in 2022 As we are moving towards COVID-19 endemicity, it seems like celebrating Hari Raya this year will be slightly different. This year, Muslims can celebrate just like before COVID-19 - with relatives and laughter. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore that the virus is still here, and the fight is still far from over. So, please maintain the SOPs provided by MOH. If you’re planning to balik kampung this Hari Raya, here are what you need to do before travelling. 1. The Car Is Well Maintained Credit: Dubizzle Check the engine oil before travelling. Open the bonnet and look for the ring of the dipstick and pull it out. Clean any excess oil with a cloth or paper towel and dip it back in. Pull it out again, paying attention to the oil level. It should be between the two marked points on the dipstick. Also, we need to make sure that the tires have enough pressure and are well aligned. Better yet, if it’s time for the regular service, go to the nearest service centre and let them kautim everything. 2. COVID-19 Self-Test By this time, we think it should be a norm now. Before going to any events or meeting with other people, we should do a COVID-19 self-test. Even if we’re tested negative, it’s still possible for us to be infected. So, if you do make a few stops at RnRs, make sure to practise physical distancing, wear a face mask PROPERLY, and wash your hands. 3. Top Up For Tolls Before you begin your journey, make sure that your Touch n Go card has enough value. Or if you’re using an RFID tag, double-check to see that you have enough amount. 4. Snacks And Drinks Credit: KindPng If you don’t feel like stopping at any RnR to eat, you can always bring some snacks and drinks. Just make sure the car is cleaned after you reached your destination. If you don’t have the time to make or buy, there’s always an option to order. Pre-order everyone’s favourite snacks here before you begin your journey. 5. Make Sure The House Is Safe Before you leave, take another look at the kitchen. Make sure you have turned off and removed the gas regulator. Lock all doors and windows and let one light turned on. It’s to avoid potential burglars thinking the house is empty. If you have checked all the list, you are good to go! Make sure to drive safe, abide the speed limit, and rest if you’re feeling tired. We, NMooMoo team wishes our Muslim buddies Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Or you can order and have it delivered ;) Order Now

05 May 2022

Types of Rendang

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Types of Rendang during this Festive!. Did you know that there are different types of rendang in Malaysia? Hari Raya in Malaysia is not complete without Rendang Ayam or Rendang Daging. But, first, let’s get to know where rendang originated from. This slow-cooked and spicy dish originated from West Sumatra and was prepared by Minangkabau people. Some people believed that rendang originated from India because of its similarity to Indian curry. Also, the whole cooking process reflects a philosophy of patience, wisdom, and sincerity. The taste of the rendang will depend on the quality of the beef, spices, heat control, duration of the cooking and stirring techniques. No matter where the rendang comes from, this dish has transformed through time. People change the recipes to suit their tastes and environment. Let’s get to know 10 types of rendang dishes and their states in Malaysia. 1. Rendang Tok - Perak Credit: Ajinomoto (Malaysia) If you’re in Perak, chances are you might have heard this type of rendang. That’s because Rendang Tok originated from this state! Not only do people serve Rendang Tok during Hari Raya, they also serve this rendang on any special occasions. The main ingredients are beef or water buffalo meat, onion, coconut milk, pepper, turmeric, and kaffir lime leaves. 2. Rendang Cili Padi - Negeri Sembilan Credit: Aroma Asian Spicy food lovers are going to love this type of rendang. The rendang variation is called Rendang Cili Padi; originated from Negeri Sembilan. It’s no surprise that the people from this state came up with this type of rendang. It’s because cuisine from this state is popular to be very spicy. The main ingredients for this dish are pretty much the same as other rendangs. But, they use cili padi (bird's eye chillies) instead of dried chillies. 3. Rendang Ayam Lengkuas Credit: Resepi Che Nom This other yellow rendang is known as Ayam Liku or Rendang Ayam Lengkuas. It is a type of food that originated from Sabah. The name “nasu likku” is derived from the Bugis language. Some people might mistaken this rendang with Ayam Ungkep . The only difference is that Rendang Ayam Lengkuas use a lot of galangals - hence the name. Among the ingredients used are galangal, basic rendang ingredients like lemongrass, kerisik, and coconut milk. 4. Rendang Minang Credit: detikFood Another rendang that you should know from Negeri Sembilan is called Rendang Minang. Many people like to make this type of rendang because it’s not complex. It is relatively easy to make because this type of rendang doesn’t need too many ingredients and it’s not complicated. The main ingredients for Rendang Minang are ginger, galangal, dried chillies, coconut milk and lemongrass. This rendang also doesn’t have kerisik in it. 5. Rendang Ayam Johor Credit: AnekaResipi This rendang from the south of Malaysia is different from its counterparts from other states. The difference lies in its main ingredients. Rendang Ayam Johor is made from a lot of turmeric leaves and kaffir lime leaves to enhance the taste. You can expect this rendang to have a very strong taste from the spices. Also, since the texture is a bit dry, you can enjoy Rendang Ayam Johor with lemang and ketupat. 6. Rendang Sarawak Credit: Asundlogokf If you haven’t tried Rendang Sarawak, then you better start looking for it and try. The texture of this rendang is different from the ones we find in the Peninsular. Rendang Sarawak is more gravy compared to other rendang. This dish also has a lot of onions. So, because Rendang Sarawak has a lot of gravy, this rendang can be eaten with rice and pulut kuning. 7. Rendang Ayam Kelantan Credit: mStar Do you love everything that comes from the East Coast? Then you should try Rendang Ayam Kelantan. Just like rendang from other states, Rendang Ayam Kelantan doesn’t use kerisik. Among the main ingredients that make this dish different from others is asam gelugor. Also, just like Rendang Sarawak, the texture of Rendang Ayam Kelantan has a lot of gravy too. So, you can enjoy this pulut kuning, lemang, and ketupat. 8. Rendang Pahang / Opor Credit: Kuantanloka Opor is a famous rendang in Pahang. The people not only enjoy this dish during Hari Raya but also as a daily main dish and serve during special occasions. The secret to its amazing taste is how long you slow cook the rendang and the spices that you use. The main ingredients for Rendang Opor are shrimp paste, tamarind juice, Opor spice, lemongrass, ginger, kerisik, coconut milk, gula nisan, and dried chilli. 9. Rendang Dendeng Credit: Food Market Ah yes...the dish that many people are familiar with - this Rendang Dendeng is quite popular in Perak. The main difference between this dendeng from other states is how it’s prepared. To make this delicious rendang, you need to pound every piece of the beef that was sliced. Then you need to marinate them with other ingredients. 10. Rendang Maman Gemencheh Did you know that maman is a type of vegetable that is rich with nutrients and tastes quite bitter? This vegetable is also suitable for rendang. The ingredients and preparations are quite simple. Among the ingredients are coconut milk, tamarind slice, turmeric, bird’s eye chilli and other seasonings like salt. Or you can order and have it delivered ;) Order Now

22 April 2022

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