Walk down NMooMoo's Feb 2023 Memory Lane

Food Promo, Activity

Time flies! Come re-visit what NMooMoo has done in February!. It's All About Love & Support In February! Short and sweet! That is how we want to describe February which was filled with continuous support and love from all. Your love for food, uplift us! We are fully grateful for your support and orders all this while. We made it to the Top 15 Food Delivery Apps in Malaysia rated by My Weekend Plan. It is your love for food that uplift us to this extent. Exclusive RM5 OFF For PICKUP Order Not only up to 50% OFF discounts for our selected food orders, we also added something exclusive for our Pickup customers! We’ve sent virtual and physical support to the selected merchants, to help boost up their sales. PS: Check out our Facebook or Instagram to see what promos we are running now! Creative Lone Wolf Supporters Rewarded With RM20! We had a fun giveaway on our Facebook during Valentines. To show support to all the singles a.k.a the lone wolf, we asked for the most creative 'love' hand gestures, and WOW we were impressed! 5 pictures with the most creative hand gestures won RM20 NMooMoo Balance. You showed support and you recieved the love from us! Hungry for more? Follow NMooMoo on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to get more updates and promotions!

28 February 2023

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