10 Soul Cleansing Vegetarian Food To Have On Vesak Day

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We've put together 10 soul-cleansing vegetarian food to have on Vesak. We promise you there are full of flavours and satisfying.. 10 Soul Cleansing Vegetarian Food To Have On Vesak Day Buddhists around the world celebrate Vesak day or Buddha’s birthday on various dates yearly. They usually celebrate the auspicious day during the first full moon in May. On Vesak, Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s three most important life stages: birth, Enlightenment, and Death. They believe that all stages happened on the same day of the calendar throughout his life. On this day, Buddhists hang lanterns and enjoy communal meals. You can see musicians, dancers, floats, and dragons commonly featured during the festivity throughout Asia. What about food, though? Naturally, during any festive celebrations, you can expect delicious food will be abundant. Primarily, Buddhist eat vegetarian food such as Lo Han Jai - a vegetarian stew that is sometimes referred to as Buddha’s delight. Another typical dish is the Buddhist monk soup - prepared with pumpkins, beans, noodles, and sweet potato. If you’re planning to celebrate Vesak day with your friends and family with great food, here are ten awesomely delicious vegetarian food you can try. Buddha's Delight Image from: Taste of Asian Food Traditionally on every Vesak, Buddhist monks will enjoy this most appropriate dish. Not only that but Buddha’s Delight is also served in many Asian vegetarian restaurants. You can enjoy this wholesome vegetable stew that consisted of cabbage, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, bean curds and mock abalone. These vegetables are simmered that all flavours are combined, giving you a delicious gravy dish. Vegetarian Claypot Rice Image from: Asian Food Network If you’re a fan of claypot dishes, then you should try this dish. This vegetarian claypot rice is brimming with the umami taste of mushrooms and beancurd and has tiny cauliflower florets for a soft crunch and added fibre. With filling brown rice cooked in flavorful stock as a base, this one-pot dish is perfect for refuelling your energy reserves after a busy day out. Vegetarian Bibimbap Image from: Caroline's Cooking Kdrama fans are familiar with this dish either from any drama or from a Korean restaurant. The word bibimbap literally means mixed rice with assorted vegetables, eggs, and meat. This colourful dish can be turned into a vegetarian dish with spicy bits of miso tempeh. Tofu Egg Burger Image from: Asian Food Network Some times you want to have something that’s different from having vegetables and fruits in a bowl. Like you’re craving a burger - a vegetarian burger of course. You can get the same juiciness of a burger with patties made from tofu, eggs, and spices. Complete it with your favourite sauces like mustard, ketchup, and chilli sauce. Vegan Spinach & Mushroom Sushi Bake Image from: Asian Food Network It’s a fusion of two worlds - east and west. Spinach and mushrooms covered in the cheese of your choice, caramelised in the oven, then served with a drizzle of aromatic truffle oil on a bed of sourish-savoury sushi rice—another perfect menu for celebrating Vesak in 2021. Vegetable Spring Rolls Image from: Dinner, then Dessert Spring rolls - an excellent snack for high tea or a perfect addition to your Vesak lunch with friends and family. These crispy vegetable spring rolls have a mix of different sweet vegetables like cabbage, carrot, and capsicum. Those juicy vegetables are wrapped in a spring roll sheet and fried till golden brown. One bite of it, all the sweet, savoury juices burst open inside your mouth. Paneer & Soya Chunks Masala Image from: Asian Food Network This absolutely delicious and spicy dish is great with naan, rice or slurping it on its own. Before being stewed in the masala curry, soya chunks are marinated in a spiced curd to produce flavorful, chewy meat substitutes. Until serving, sprinkle with fried cashews and grilled paneer. Miso Udon Soup Image from: Steamy Kitchen Thanks to fresh store-bought udon noodles and a savoury miso-based broth, this tasty vegetable udon noodle soup is incredibly simple to prepare. The broth is rich and sweet, thanks to a base of garlic, ginger, and miso paste, and it's full of hearty vegetables like bok choy and meaty mushrooms. A dash of soy sauce adds the umami flavour that Asian noodle soups are famous for.

04 May 2021

10 Chewy Facts About Bubble Tea

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Bubble tea became a trend a few years ago. So, for International Tea Day, let's learn about bubble tea or boba tea.. 10 Chewy Facts About Bubble Tea You gotta give it to Taiwanese for creating the bubble tea drink trend. Call it however you want; boba tea, bubble tea, and pearl milk tea essentially refer to the same thing. Celebrating this year’s international tea day, let’s have a look at the evolution of bubble tea that took the world by storm. The Drink With Many Names Whatever you name it, the drink is made up of black tea, milk, ice, and chewy tapioca pearls. It is then shaken up like a martini and served with the famously fat straw to fit the tapioca marbles that collect at the bottom of the cup. Also, it is believed that the name ‘bubble tea’ was derived from the bubbles formed when the milk tea was shaken, not the chewy brown pearls inside the drink. How Did It Start? There are many versions of how bubble tea began. But, there’s one story that many agreed to be true. Taiwanese tea stands became increasingly popular in the 1980s. Hence, many businesses were trying to be different. Then, one concession owner at the Chun Shui Tang teahouse in Taichung started serving Chinese tea cold after getting the idea from iced Japanese coffee. After a few years, the concession’s product development manager, Lin Hsiu Hui, was in a boring meeting. So, she put her sweetened tapioca pudding into her Assam iced tea and drink it. They loved the concoctions and decided to sell the product and became an instant hit. Since then, many tea businesses tried to emulate the success with different flavour teas and boba pearls. In Malaysia, you can thank social media for creating the trend and demand. Bubble tea shops began a trend by making attractive drinks that inspired customers to share them on social media. They went viral and received a lot of coverage. All want to be a part of the social phenomena that the drinks look and taste. Boba Is Like Gummy Bear No! Not the taste but the consistency.Here’s a rule of thumb to know if the boba is perfectly cooked.If it’s hard, it’s undercooked. If it’s mushy, it’s overcooked. If it’s soft and chewy, it’s just right Switch It Up But some of you don’t like the tapioca balls in the drink. So, many bubble tea concessions created options for you. Choose to add pudding, aloe vera, ice cream, jelly, or any toppings that they offer, or nothing at all. Burst of Flavours As mentioned above, the basic for bubble tea is tea, milk, and sugar. Thanks to its popularity and increased demand, many concessions have created bubble tea with a variety of flavours like honeydew, mango, strawberry, avocado, chocolate, oats, and many others! 680 Litres of Bubble Tea A Japanese YouTuber, Mihara Keigo, held the Guinness World Record for serving the largest serving of bubble tea at a concert in Taipei, Taiwan, on 3rd November 2018. The cup stood tall at 680 litres, with almost 170 litres of it made up of tapioca balls alone! A group of six people was all it took to complete the masterpiece within four hours and eight minutes. At the end of the day, 2,000 people get to enjoy Mihara’s bubble tea. Boba on A Pizza When it comes to food, some people can get very creative. So creative that you wonder, “what is going on inside their head?” Getting onto the boba trend hype, Domino’s launched boba pizza - cheese, honey, and tapioca balls. Chewy pizza, anyone? Is It Nutritious? Tapioca’s sole purpose is to provide fast energy as a carbohydrate. The vitamin and mineral content is very poor. The lack of fibre is so noticeable that even if you ate enough tapioca to get any nutritional value, you'd probably become very constipated. Brown and White Pearls The tapioca pearls are made by passing moist cassava starch through a sieve. It is then rolled into small balls until it has dried. The colour of the pearl varies depending on the ingredients. The cassava root is the only ingredient in white tapioca pearls. The brown ones are made with cassava root, brown sugar, and potentially harmful food dyes like caramel colouring, which is used in soda and contains an unnatural source of phosphorous that has been shown to leach calcium from your bones. Moderation is Key So basically, the drink is made of brewed tea, milk, sugar, and tapioca balls. Of course, you can enjoy different types of concoctions such as mango or peach tea with pearls. Still, you should always enjoy the drink in moderation. After reading about boba tea, order your favourite drink from the NMooMoo app or website now! Go to or download our NMooMoo app and start ordering from our over 800 restaurants now!

03 May 2021

15 Amazing Hari Raya Food To Enjoy

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Hari raya is not complete without traditional food like lemang, rendang, and dodol. Each family has their must-serve food for guests.. 15 Amazing Hari Raya Food To Enjoy Muslims have abstained from eating and drinking for a month. Also, they have struggled to become better Muslims by doing good deeds and reading the Quran, now it’s time to celebrate! On the eve of Hari Raya, you can see people in kampung preparing a variety of traditional Malay foods such as lemang, ketupat, dodol, rendang, and many more. Here are the 15 traditional Malay foods that you can see during Hari Raya. Image from: Flickr Lemang Let’s mention the obvious one first. Lemang is like a must during every Hari Raya - the festive is not complete without this coconut milk-soaked glutinous rice and cooked inside bamboo. Image from: Flickr Rendang Another dish that is synonymous with Hari Raya - the rendang. Can you imagine Hari Raya without rendang? The typical rendang that you can find is made use of beef or chicken. But, there are some people who used animal entrails such as lungs, heart, intestines, etc. Also, you can have duck and seafood rendang. Among all rendangs that are available, you have to try rendang tok - a dry rendang with no gravy but when cooked right, tastes phenomenal. Image from: Asian Inspirations Ketupat It’s like a symbol of Hari Raya in Malaysia and a must-have during the festive celebration. Typically shaped like a diamond, each ketupat is hand-made from palm leaf strips and put rice inside it before being boiled. Once cooked, it’ll be cut into bite-sizes eaten together with kuah kacang (peanut sauce). Another type of ketupat that you can find is ketupat palas. This ketupat is different in terms of its shape, type of rice and leaves used. Ketupat palas gets its name from the leaves - palas leaves and shaped like a triangle. Usually, the rice used is glutinous rice. Image from: Cookpad Image from: Lokataste Dodol A scenario of people working together making dodol won’t be complete on the eve of Hari Raya. Typically, you can find this super sweet treat shaped like a dumpling. If you haven’t tried it yet, the texture is like the Chinese rice cake. But, with every bite, you get a burst of gula melaka. Of course, in the market today, you can find dodol with different flavours like durian, jackfruit, or soursop. Basically, any flavours that you can think of. Image from: Cookpad Lontong Ah...a usual dish to have for breakfast or the morning of Hari Raya. Lontong is an Indonesian dish consisting of a compressed rice cake wrapped in a banana leaf. It is common in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. As a staple food substitute for steamed rice, rice is rolled inside a banana leaf and boiled before being cut into small cakes. But now you can get instant nasi impit to make lontong. With peanut sauce-based dishes like gado-gado, karedok, ketoprak, other popular salads, and satay, the dish is typically served hot or at room temperature. It goes well with a stew made with coconut milk, such as lontong sayur, soto, gulai, and curries. Image from: Cookpad Sayur Lodeh This hearty coconut stew is a great Hari Raya tradition made with a variety of vegetables like eggplant, green beans, and long beans, to name a few. It may also include tofu, tempeh, or something else the chef desires. Tumeric may often make its way into the dish, so don't be surprised if you see a version with a yellow tint. It's just to add a little more spice. Go ahead, take a chance. Image from: Tripadvisor Satay Usually, when you don’t know what to have for dinner or as a snack, you can always count on satay. This marinated and grilled meat on a stick is easy to find even on normal days. You can have it during the day as a snack or as dinner. Image from: Asian Inspirations Serunding You have the lemang and ketupat and the gravies that go with both dishes. But, you can also opt for some serunding for a different taste and experience. Depending on the recipe, serunding may be sweet or hot and spicy. Image from: Flickr Kuih Muih When it comes to diversity and indiscrimination, Malay cuisine's kuih muih is the perfect example, but in the form of aesthetically pleasing edibles. Each bite of each kuih is as delicious as the last. Sweet and delicious. Small enough to eat. There you have it: your justification for a post-Raya workout. Image from: Alpha on Flickr Mee Rebus Mee rebus differs from region to region. Terengganu, for example, on Peninsular Malaysia's east coast, has a clear broth. In other parts of Malaysia, mee rebus may be made with dhal, peanuts, and tomatoes cooked in a chicken or prawn broth. This recipe is more similar to the beef broth-based Johor mee rebus. It's also a noodle dish that comes with a flavorful gravy thickened naturally with sweet potatoes. Image from: Stijn Nieuwendijk on Flickr Soto Ayam For some families, soto ayam is a must-have menu for their relatives and guests either on Hari Raya or other festivities. Fans of this yellow, full of spice chicken soup can agree that begedil and sambal kicap have to be in a bowl. Other than that, you can enjoy it with nasi himpit, ketupat, or vermicelli. Image from: Che Nom Masak Lemak Cili Api This vibrant yellow Malaysian curry supposedly originated in Negeri Sembilan. Masak lemak is a pretty versatile dish as you can use chicken, fish, beef or seafood. Plus, the base is always the same coconut milk mixed with fresh turmeric, turmeric leaves, lemongrass, and tamarind slice. Definitely a perfect dish for lunch and dinner! Image from: Cookpad Asam Pedas Another perfect lunch menu for maybe the second day of Hari Raya - the sourness that comes from tamarind and spicy comes from the fresh chillies. There are many varieties of this dish, but traditionally it is prepared with okra, tomatoes, fish, and various seasonings, all cooked in a zesty, rich broth. Image from: Cookpad Ayam Masak Merah You usually find this dish during Malay weddings and also everyday lunch. You can enjoy this dish with a plate of white rice, nasi hujan panas, or nasi tomato. While it shares some basic related spices (cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and chillies) with Chicken Curry, Ayam Masak Merah has its own distinct flavour profile. If it's the texture of the chicken or the tantalising flavours in the sauce, it's distinct. Image from: Cookpad Laksa When you’re going to your friends or relatives open houses, there’s a possibility that they will serve laksa. Usually, the type of laksa served can tell which state the family came from. For instance, asam laksa means the family is from the northern states. But, if the laksa is curry based, the family came from the southern states. So, what are your must-have menu for Hari Raya? Don’t forget to share the joy with others! Oh, if it’s not enough, order je from the NMooMoo app or website, we’re ready to keep your guests happy. Order Now

03 May 2021

10 Benefits of Vegetables and Fruits For Flawless and Glowing Skin

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It's undeniable that incorporating vegetables and fruits into your diet would positively impact your body.. 10 Benefits of Vegetables and Fruits For Flawless and Glowing Skin Your skin's condition is influenced by a variety of factors, including your diet and pollution. In addition, genetics plays a major role that can alter it. Nonetheless, there are natural ways to achieve glowing skin. Yes, many companies market their items as skin food. Still, the best way to preserve a healthy complexion is to follow mother nature's lead. It is helpful to use items such as cleanser and lotions to improve the quality of your skin on the surface. Good, hydrated skin, on the other hand, begins on the inside of your body. As a result, you must choose the best foods for good, radiant skin. According to studies, integrating some vegetables and fruits into your daily routine will aid in the battle against skin problems. In turn, a balanced food diet will counteract inflammatory genes, giving the body the resources it needs to reinforce and create healthy tissues. Ready to begin your healthy glowing skin journey? Look at these tips to give your skin the nourishment that it needs. Tomatoes Is it a vegetable or a fruit? Whatever it is, red tomatoes are great for you to get their tout, youthful structure. Thanks to its compound called lycopene, the phytochemical gives tomatoes its red hue and helps boot collagen strength. The compound also fights off the oxidising effect of UV rays by eliminating skin-ageing free radicals. The British Journal of Dermatology reported participants who ate five tablespoons of tomato paste daily showed 33 per cent more protection against sunburn. Carrots Everybody knows that if you want to have healthy eyesight, you have to eat more carrots in your diet. Carrots are also good for those who have a breakout problem. This orange wonder from the earth is packed with lots of beta-carotene and vitamin A. This antioxidant prevents the overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer. Simply put, fewer dead skin cells could mix with sebum and clogging your pores. Vitamin A in carrots also helps in reducing skin cancer risk. The beta-carotene may likewise aid your skin. One study found that a carotenoid-rich diet may protect your skin from UV damage and improve skin appearance. One cup of carrot juice gives you more than 20 per cent of the daily value for vitamin C. Also, it acts as an antioxidant to protect your skin from free radicals. Sweet Potatoes According to a report published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables gives you a better, more desirable, and radiant glow than sun exposure. Sweet potato gives the skin a natural glow while still making it smoother and younger. "Its high levels of beta-carotene means sweet potato benefits skin by battling the free radicals that cause skin ageing," according to DK Publishing House's book "Healing Foods." The easiest way to prepare them is to steam or boil them. According to the book 'Healing Foods,' it helps maintain "their slow-release carbohydrates and important nutrients." Boil them for 30 minutes until tender, then mash them with unsalted butter, top with herbs, and serve immediately. It's also a good idea to have sweet potatoes in your salads. It adds a healthy dose of carbs to the mix. Bell Peppers This vegetable adds crunch to the dish while also providing a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Bell peppers contain antioxidants that help to slow down the ageing process. Bell peppers can help protect your skin from sun damage and avoid cell damage if you eat them regularly. They're also high in vitamin C, which aids collagen development. Collagen maintains the firmness of the skin and protects the cells from further damage. If you have blemishes and rashes, mix carrot with green bell pepper juice to get that cleared up. Turmeric This bright yellow vegetable contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that may provide glow and radiance to the skin. Try this turmeric face mask recipe at home every week and see its magic. Inside a bowl, mix some turmeric powder with a small amount of Greek yoghurt and honey and apply it to your face. Keep it on for 15 minutes and wash them with warm water. You can use the anti-inflammatory properties to target your pores and soothe your skin. Turmeric has also been shown to help with scarring. This combination of ingredients can aid in the healing of acne breakouts on your face. Papayas When applied topically to the skin, papain, an enzyme found in this juicy fruit, facilitates skin healing and increases collagen secretion. Together with vitamin A, papaya can help to lighten the skin tone and prevent tanning. If you’re battling dry and flaky skin, daily use of papaya for the skin will give the skin moisture - giving you that smooth and radiant skin. Also, using papaya daily can help you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. It removes dead skin cells and regulates pigmentation. Avocados You usually have this as guacamole or spread on a warm piece of toast. But, avocado also has great benefits for your skin because of its healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals inside this super fruit (yes, it’s technically a fruit, not a vegetable). The fats, compounds, and vitamins may help speed skin repair and improve chronic skin conditions like eczema and acne. Also, these nutrients may help improve chapped skin and even-out skin tone. Plus, a high intake of healthy fat, especially monounsaturated fat like in avocados, helped increase skin elasticity and reduced the appearance of wrinkles. Try avocado oil on your skin to boost the overall health of your skin. Maya Ivanjesku, chief scientific officer at LaFlore Probiotic Skincare, said, “Cold-pressed avocado oil has an abundance of antioxidants, plant sterols, omega-9, minerals, and vitamins, including vitamins C and E. Together, these nutrients can help boost the production of collagen, soothe inflammation, and lift away old skin cells.” Lemons Another super fruit when it comes to getting glowing and radiant skin is lemon. It is packed with vitamin C to remove toxins and protects the body from photodamage and hyperpigmentation. Suppose you have irregular pigmentation, dark spots, or acne marks. In that case, you can eat lemon because it has the potential to tighten, lighten, and deep cleanse the skin naturally. Oily skin is one of the problems that most people face. Before going to bed, swipe a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice to dry up excess oil. Then wash your face when you wake up in the morning. This method will help prevent your skin from becoming too oily. Oranges The antioxidants in oranges can help prevent photodamage, DNA damage, oxidative damage, reduce inflammation and aid collagen synthesis. It also fights free radicals that may slow down the production of wrinkles and stop premature ageing. Oranges are also great as an exfoliator with their citric acid. It can dry out acne, hence improving the overall look of your skin. When you’re enjoying your oranges, don’t throw away the peel. Grind them to make a body scrub and use this beauty regime for a healthy-looking glow. Mangoes Mangoes are another source of vitamin C that support your body in collagen production. It will help prevent your skin from sun damage and premature ageing. This vitamin works together with vitamin E to protect your skin from environmental damage. Both of these vitamins are stored in your skin cells. However, these two vitamins will deplete when exposed to sunlight or pollution. Hence, you need to keep replenishing it regularly. Mangiferin is present in the highest concentration in mango kernels, seeds, and peels. Mango plants have high levels of this chemical in their leaves, stalks, and bark. According to some evidence, Mangiferin can reduce the risk of certain cancers, including skin cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and cervical cancer. Let NMooMoo Get Them For You No matter what your reasons to healthy are, let NMooMoo help you to get them for you. Go to or download our NMooMoo app and start ordering from our over 800 restaurants now! Order Now

13 April 2021

How To Boost Your Mood With Coffee Scent

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Did you know you can boost your mood with a coffee scent? Here are some ways to boost your mood with a coffee scent.. How To Boost Your Mood With Coffee Scent Nothing says good morning with a hot cup of coffee. And like everything else in life, coffee has its fans and haters. Some blamed coffee as the cause of impotence and madness, while others see it as a heavenly gift for that extra energy boost and mood booster. Drinking coffee is different from smelling coffee for obvious reasons. You know coffee has a natural stimulant called caffeine. Some have 30mg, while others have 300mg of caffeine. This stimulant stimulates the nervous system and boosts brainpower - a cup of coffee can improve your attention and concentration. However, the coffee scent is complex. The compounds in coffee are known to affect the complex aroma and flavour of the coffee. Of course, to get its full effect, you would have to use freshly grounded coffee. You’ve seen the meme “don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee”. Because when the strong but pleasing coffee scent hit your scent receptors, it triggers memories and good feelings. No wonder it’s called a pleasure drug. Here’s what you can do at home to spread the aroma of coffee around your house and boost your mood. Image from: Unsplash Coffee Bean Candles or Diffusers Image from: Rebecca Peterson-Hall on Unsplash Obviously, the first choice to make your home smell like a coffee house is to get coffee-scented candles! These heavenly scented candles do work wonders when you want to have that scent lingers in your home. You can either make one or get it from any shop. But, let’s take a look at how you can make a coffee scented candle at home. Here are the things you need to have; a nice decorative cup, a bag of coffee beans, and a vanilla-scented tealight candle. Pour some coffee beans into the cup and put the tealight candle on top of the beans. Whenever you’re ready, light up the candle and enjoy the sweet smell of French vanilla coffee. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like DIY-ing, there are a few stores that you can go to and get as many as coffee-scented candles you need. Air Fresheners Image from: Mae Mu on Unsplash Another way you can get your home smelling like an ‘atas’ coffee house without candles is good-old air fresheners. This method is really simple. Grab one of your clean missing pair of socks and fill it up with whole coffee beans. Though it will not be as strong as the scented candle, you can make these coffee air fresheners if you just want a whiff of coffee whenever you pass by it. Coffee Soaps Image from: Zena on Pixabay If having the aroma of coffee in your living room or bedroom is not enough, you can take this to the next level - in your bathroom. These are the benefits of coffee soap: Calming - antioxidants in coffee beans provide a soothing effect and sense of calm and quiet when applied directly to the skin. Exfoliant and cellulite reduction - the finely ground coffee beans can exfoliate dry skin and dead skin cells and restore them to a more radiant and smooth appearance. Also, coffee stimulates blood flow, improves circulation, hence, your skin appearance. Reduce dark circles - since coffee can dilate the blood vessels under the skin, a coffee soap or non-abrasive face mask can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes for a more illuminated appearance. For first-timer, making your own coffee soap can be intimidating. But, don’t worry, we got you a recipe that we think is easy to follow. To Drink or To Smell, It Doesn’t Matter Image from: Gong TY on Unsplash But, on days when you do more than just smelling coffee, go to our website, or the nmoomoo app to get your coffee fix. Also, if you’re a first time user, we ‘belanja’ RM10 from your first order. Go ahead, order your favourite coffee now! Order Now

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What To Order When You Are In Rawang

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What To Order When You’re In Rawang. What To Order When You’re In Rawang As the government is easing some restrictions, food hunters are back doing what they love doing. When it comes to location in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur and Damansara are locations of choice for most people. While these cities offer varieties of cuisines that we can enjoy, you can also find many restaurants in towns like Rawang. Let’s take a look at some of the best treats you can find in Rawang. Restaurant R. Cheng Fei Zhou Yee Wantan Mee [Non-Halal]) If you see the dinner set up during the Chinese New Year reunion dinner, you’ll see a whole fish on the table. The dish is intended to welcome prosperity for the entire year. In Mandarin, the word “surplus” (余, yú) has the same pronunciation as “fish” (鱼, yú). They even have an idiom 年年有余 (níanníanyoǔyú), meaning “to have a surplus every year.” This also means they created a pun 年年有鱼 meaning “to have fish every year.” Plus, it’s customary to serve the whole fish and only eat the middle. It’s because of another expression in Chinese 有头有尾 (yǒutóuyǒuwěi) which literally means “to have both a head and a tail.” The remaining parts of the fish should be eaten the next day to symbolize the surplus will overflow into the future. For added luck, the fish should face guests or elders as a sign of respect. Dumplings ( 蒸饺; jiaozi) If you’re a fan of Chinese historical dramas, you notice that the characters would use gold ingots as business transactions. Since dumplings share a close resemblance to gold ingots, they represent wealth. Those who are living with the older generation, typically wrap their own dumplings and continue to do that until midnight as a symbolic gesture leaving the old year behind. Whole Chicken (鸡肉; jīròu) A chicken dish is typically served as a whole to represent family togetherness. In some households, the chicken’s feet are served for the breadwinners of the family. It’s symbolising them grasping onto wealth. Spring Rolls (春卷; chūnjuǎn) This crispy golden dish was originally intended to combine all of the season’s freshest vegetables together in one dish to celebrate spring. Because the name literally means spring and roll referring to the spring season. Now, it’s common to see spring rolls during Lunar New Year because they resemble gold bars and people eat spring rolls to attract good fortune for the coming year. Longevity noodles (长寿面; chángshòu miàn) People in North China eat this auspicious noodle on Chinese New Year. These longer than normal noodles and uncut are either fried or boiled and served in a bowl with their broth. These long noodles represent a long life to the eater. Also, it’s customary to slurp down the noodle without chewing. Glutinous rice cake (年糕; nián gāo) This particular dessert literally means “New Year’s cake”. Plus, the word cake sounds the same as the word “tall” or “to grow”. With that being said, eating glutinous rice on Lunar New Year symbolizes growth, whether it be in career, income, health, or even height. Just like how the phrase 年年有余 (níanníanyoǔyú), nian gao also has a popular phrase which is 年年高升 (níanníangāoshēng). It means “to increase prosperity every year.” Tangyuan ( 湯圓; tāngyuán) This sweet and chewy dessert is eaten on the 15th day after the Lunar New Year. Tangyuan is a small, round dumpling made from glutinous rice flour. The fillings are traditionally made from black sesame paste, red bean paste, date paste, or peanut paste. Tangyuan is a special dish for Lunar New Year because the name sounds like 团圆 (túanyúan) or “reunion” or “togetherness”. Fortune Fruits Of course, you can’t miss oranges or tangerines on Chinese New Year. These fruits symbolise fullness and wealth because they are round and “golden” in colour. Also, when you say the fruits name in Chinese, they sound lucky. Orange and tangerine in Chinese are 橙 (chéng) that sounds the same as the word for “success”, 成. Plus, another way to write tangerine in Chinese is (桔 jú) contains the Chinese character for luck (吉 jí). Having all those delicious, auspicious foods are great. But, sometimes there are not enough for all relatives that come over. So, you can order anything on NMooMoo and enjoy up to RM23 off a food order and RM5 off the delivery fee! Oh! With every order, you stand a chance to win a food discount coupon worth up to RM18.80 in Spin & Win and a chance to join NMooMoo lucky draw and win a mystery gift box worth RM200. Finally, check what your fortune looks like in the year of the Tiger according to your zodiac on Predictions According To The Chinese Zodiac 2022. Perhaps you can win lots of food discounts and the mystery gift box! Reference: 2022 Chinese Zodiac Predictions: What Will The Year Of The Tiger Bring? It's Your Huat Day! Order Now

09 February 2021

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