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9 Chinese New Year Gifts

10 January 2022


9 Chinese New Year Gifts For Your Friends and Partner’s Family

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and some of us are probably looking for a gift for our friends or trying to win some brownie points from our partner’s family.

This festive season is when we can get together and enjoy some good food, either home-cooked or they order food delivery. But, nevertheless, let’s not allow the pandemic to stop us from showing our love during Chinese New Year.

Now, gifting during Chinese New Year is a common thing. But, some are not sure what to give as a gift, and they end up buying a box of oranges or giving angpao.

Here are some of our suggestions for the perfect Chinese New Year gifts for friends, seniors, and kids.

Gift Ideas For Friends

Image from: Pexels, Rodnae Productions

Gift for friends kind of depends on how close you are to them. Like are you just regular friends or besties?

Once you have that covered, let’s look at what you can gift your friends.


If you’re invited to a Chinese New Year dinner and the host drink alcohol, gifting them a nice bottle of liquor is pretty much the obvious choice.

Home Supplies

Your friend just moved to a new place not too long before the new year. So, what better thing to give than home supplies! Get them like a small appliance, tableware set, tea set or coffee set.

Chocolate and Sweets

Gifting something sweet like candies, cookies, and chocolate is standard nowadays. It’s also perfect if your friend or the host loves sweet stuff.

Gift Ideas For Seniors

Image from: Pexels, Angela Roma

As for seniors, they will appreciate new year gifts that benefit their health. So, anything that you can think will make them feel healthier and happy is a great gift.

Foot Massager or Massage Chair

In traditional Chinese medicine, a massage is a gentle and effective way to heal the body. So, a foot massager is something that they definitely will love to receive.

Other than that, you can give them a contoured pillow to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Tonic Foods

Some seniors will appreciate it if you give them tonic products like bird’s nest, ginseng, and cordyceps. But, don’t forget to check the warranty and expiration dates before purchasing it.


Another thing that you can consider is giving them handmade crafts like a tea set for tea lovers.

Gift Ideas For Kids

Image from: Pexels, Angela Roma

When it comes to festive celebrations, kids get more excited about it than adults. Get them something to express your good wishes to the kids.

Red Packets

Depending on your budget, you can prepare some red packets with some red notes inside them, like RM10 or RM20 notes! Or, if you’re feeling extra generous, you can give them more than that. Perhaps RM50 or RM100.


You can never go wrong with toys. Well, if you know what they like, that is. If the kids like superheroes, you can get them an action figure.

School Supplies

Nothing is more important than education for kids. So such gifts like books, school bags, pencils, notebooks, paint sets (if they are interested in painting) will be a pleasant surprise for them.

What Not To Give As Chinese New Year Gifts

Image from: Unsplash, Julian Hochgesang

Now you have some ideas about what to give to your friends, seniors, and kids, it’s time to know what NOT to give.

Avoid Anything Black or White

If you look at the decorations, you already know what colour you should choose for gift wrapping paper. It’s because black and white are often used at funerals, so you have to avoid using these two colours.

Anything That Symbolises Intimate Relations

Unless you want to take your friendship to the next level, don’t give them a necklace, belt, necktie, as these sorts of items are associated with intimate relationships.

Avoid Giving Gifts With Bad Luck Meaning

Some gifts have negative connotations in Chinese culture. For instance, it is bad luck to give a clock or a watch as a gift because saying ‘giving a clock’ (送钟 sòng zhōng /song jong/) sounds exactly like ‘attending a funeral’ (送终 sòng zhōng). Also, it implies that the receiver is running out of time.

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