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Predictions According To The Chinese Zodiac 2022

13 January 2022


Here Is What Your Fortune Look Like This Year

“New Year, New Me” - perhaps this mantra has been said so many times every time we celebrate the new year. Some of us anticipate what will this year bring.

Also, since some of us do believe in Chinese horoscopes and Feng Shui, 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger which means in Feng Shui, it’s the year for bold action.

This year it’s all about changes because water is connected to being sensitive, creative and open to change.

Let’s take a look at what’s your horoscope specifically outlook in 2022 - the year of the Water Tiger.

Rat (born in 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

Credit: tartila

Get ready to pivot…like a lot

People born in the year of the Rat are known to like planning ahead. But, in the face-paced Tiger year, you might need to adjust them - constantly. So, prepare a backup plan, a backup-backup plan and so on.

Believe in yourself

Do you feel like you were stuck either in your career or relationships? Well, in 2022, you can improve your money and success in relationships by staying calm and not overreacting. Also since this year is about self-growth for you, time to create a budget to upgrade yourself and upskill.

Ox (born in 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021)

Credit: tartila

The ong is strong

Looks like the year of the Water Tiger is your year peeps! Romance is blossoming and your career will take off. But, you got to work hard lah!

More wealth and good health

In the year of the Tiger 2022, it seems like your wealth is stable…in general. But, you have to expect some unexpected expenses. If you’re planning to expand your investment portfolio, do some due diligence like you’ve always done before.

As for health, 2021 was a harsh year for many Ox. But, you managed to pull through and it’s time to have some fun and relaxation.

What about relationships?

If you’ve been single for quite some time and ready to hit the dating scene again, 2022 is THE year. If you’ve been dating for a long time, it’s time to consider marriage.

Already married and want to add a child? Then, Feng Shui got your back.

Tiger (born in 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

Credit: tartila

Do the roar!

Because this year can be your year if you break free from your comfort zone and challenge yourself to take more opportunities.

Show me the money!

You know good fortune doesn’t just fall on your lap while you’re not doing anything. It all comes down to your planning. Now, it may create some stresses and insecurities along the way, but as long as you deliver your work, all is fine.

Relationship is hard…kind of

It’s possible that in 2022 your social circle will be more significant. But, you have to be aware of anyone new inside the circle who wants to take advantage of you. The thing is, usually, you can spot a fake friend, but this year, you might trust the wrong person.

And for a romantic relationship, your every effort counts and is important to avoid crises. Just be sincere and stay true to the promises you made.

Rabbit (born in 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

Credit: tartila

Hopping your way out of bad luck

Last year was full of challenges for you, Rabbit. But, in 2022, it’ll be a different story. In terms of wealth and success, it’s time to reap the rewards for all your hard work over the last few years.


Rabbits are sensitive and appreciate everything beautiful, like fine art, fabrics and fine designs. But, nevertheless, in 2022, you have to be careful not to be blinded by emotions and fancy gifts.

More than friend

If you have romantic feelings towards your friend, it may turn into something more. Meanwhile, for married Rabbits, 2022 should be the year you get to enjoy stable family life. It is also an excellent year to revive the spark. Time for a romantic staycation?

Dragon (born in 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

Credit: tartila

Expect the unexpected

Feng Shui teachings said Dragon people in 2022 should never forget Murphy’s Law which is “anything that can go wrong, will.” Basically, it means you may face unexpected expenses, and there will be times when finances are tight.

Communication is key

Dragons are known for their great strength of character and natural leadership qualities. More often than not, you tend to not explain yourself to others. But, in 2022, this can lead to misunderstandings.

So, keep an open mind when there are sticky situations and, when necessary, explain yourself. The key to addressing any relationship issues is effective communication.

Snake (born in 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

Credit: tartila

Energetic with a touch of stress

For the quiet Snake, this busy year can be a bit demanding. Still, your calm and diplomatic attitude will be a fantastic benefit at work.

Gold and Green

Your successful career, affluence, and good fortune guarantee you a lot of money. Keep your eyes peeled for chances, as benefactors are on hand to assist you. You may wish to diversify your investments and develop your long-term wealth in addition to having an emergency reserve.

Love, Love, Love

Single people…put your hands up! In the year 2022, you’ll see some progress in your journey to find love. But you have to get your overthinking checked and share some things with others.

Singles, there’s a possibility you’ll meet a potential partner who is pragmatic and caring.

Couples - you’ll enjoy stability at home and with your partner.

Have-been-dating-for-so-long-couples - time to talk about settling down, no?

Married couples - you better keep the spark sparking by doing new activities together.

Horse (born in 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

Credit: tartila

Material Girl

Yeap, in 2022, you can expect promising career prospects, wealth and success. Want to start investing? This is the year. There’s a catch, though - you have to put in the effort, like obviously.

Too Beautiful To Be Petty

When you’re at work, be careful of some shady people there. You’re too important to be involved in petty office politics.

So, keep an open mind when there are sticky situations and, when necessary, explain yourself. The key to addressing any relationship issues is effective communication.

It’s time for love

Keep your options open - this is for single Horses ya. Open your eyes and pay attention to any signs that your potential partner is giving. They could be closer than you think.

Goat (born in 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

Credit: tartila

Moving Up

Things are looking up for Goats this year of the Tiger 2022! You’ve done your due diligence to get the promotion and salary increment - the opportunities are finally here. But, if you get promoted, remember to always stay humble.

Romance Is In The Air

Single goats…this year, you may meet a potential partner. But, do take things slow to make the relationship more meaningful. Meanwhile, Goats in a relationship, it’s time to settle down. Meanwhile, married Goats, you may look into welcoming a child.

You’ll Get Some Attentions

You may become more sociable this year thanks to the energy of the year of the Tiger. As a result, you’ll be meeting more like-minded people and potential collaborations. Basically, everyone wants to be your friend, a.k.a popular!

Monkey (born in 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

Credit: tartila

Be Mindful About Money

It’s not going to be easy for Monkeys this year. But, it’s not all dark and gloomy. If you’re planning to earn extra money, think really carefully about it. Think twice before you make any huge investments.

Busy Socialising

It’s a busy social life for extrovert Monkeys, as usual. You quickly meet new people on the same wavelength as you through someone you know. For single Monkeys, take time and relax to find the one that you are comfortable be together.

Rooster (born in 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

Credit: tartila

Lucky Rooster

You can look forward to sustained wealth and success with the extra benefits of possible windfalls or bonus payments. Also, when you start with good life and investment plans, you may expect your business to flourish with salary increments.

Optimal Relationship Luck

It will be a busy year for Rooster when singles may meet a partner, attached and married will enjoy their relationship. Make sure to spend enough quality time together. Have open communication because it can bring you closer to each other.

Doing Too Much, Relax A Bit

As 2022 will be a passionate year for Rooster, you need to take time for yourself when you need it. Pace yourself, ya.

Dog (born in 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

Credit: tartila

Off To A Good Start

Idealistic, loyal, and brave - the great qualities people born in Dog year need to have this year. Because hard work is the key to your wealth and success in 2022. Dogs that are just starting out in their professional careers should expect a good start. According to your Chinese horoscope, the good news is that your income appears to be reasonably constant. Budget carefully and set up money for a rainy day.

Consider investing in new talents for self-improvement instead of stock investments. Hard effort is the key to success, and your dedication and endurance this year can help you overcome any obstacles.

Mend The Bridge

It’s time to fix the relationship between you and your family, friend and colleagues. You have to make the first move. Tell them how you feel or spend quality time. If you have any issues, find a solution rather than be silent about them. Also, think twice before acting impulsively.

Pig (born in 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

Credit: tartila

A Smooth Sail

Lucky stars shine bright on you in the year of the Tiger! You’ll have a good life and work. Plus, you may have a lot of ideas and see new opportunities in everything. Suppose you are an aspiring entrepreneur with sufficient capital and good money-making ideas. In that case, you may find benefactors or colleagues ready to jump on board and make your dream a reality.

Better Communication

Socialising is an excellent way to increase your happiness this year. If you're looking for love, this could be the year. Pigs in a relationship will enjoy each other's company and may even talk about marriage. Married couples will also have a peaceful time together, and a new child may be born.

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